Hi! I’m Melyssa Williams. I am an author, homeschool mom, ballet teacher, and avid reader.

I was a homeschooler back in the day, which I guess makes me slightly odd and eccentric, traits that came in handy when I decided to become a writer. Growing up, I spent a lot of time reading and writing, typically in trees.

Now I generally stay out of trees, but still read and write a lot.

There are three smallfry in my house that refer to me as Mom, and, keeping with tradition, I homeschool them by putting them in trees with a good book.

I teach ballet and my family is often involved in local theater productions. I drink coffee until it’s a socially acceptable time to sip wine, and read fiction at inopportune times, usually accompanied by my gargoyle, Hugo.

In my writing career, I have ghostwritten for blogs, magazines, and novelists, and have written many non-fiction pieces for publications such as MaryJane’s Farm, Raising Jane, Dear, Home Educating Family, and the humor site, HaHas for HooHas.

Now for my books. Shadows Gray is the first in a trilogy, with Shadows Falling being the second, and Shadows Lost ending the saga.

I’ve also authored a steampunk retelling of the Nutcracker, entitled Once Upon A Winter, which is a nod to my ballerina past, and also a compilation of short stories: The Alarming Side Effect of Books.

Check out my books and other works here.