Shadows Gray (The Lost Series Book 1)


Available in Paperback & Kindle

I highly recommend this as a thought-provoking read. It’s one of those books that stays with you in your mind long after you’ve put it down. I bought this for a plane ride and for the first time in my life, I was disappointed that the plane ride was too short.

L. Wells


Each of the book’s characters are deftly crafted with the intricacy and charm of an old-fashioned pocket watch. They are flawed, idiosyncratic, funny, unpredictable and tragic. Her prose is full of evocative imagery, historical fact, whimsical fantasy, humor and wit.

Victoria Thompson


This one is one that gets into your head and dreams! Intricate mystery story that captures the emotions and thoughts of the main character perfectly. Many interesting characters with depth who you will love in spite of their flaws. But mostly… Creepy, exciting, fascinating ending!




Shadows Falling (The Lost Series Book 2)


Available in Paperback & Kindle


This series is innovative and unique. If you are looking for a “non mainstream, not cliche” book, you have found the series! Time travel, a healthful (but not overwhelming) dose of history, and unique characters are just a few of the aspects of this legend of “The Lost.” As I neared the end of the book, it wasn’t a smart idea to read right before I went to bed because it kept me awake!!!



All I can say is wow. Finished it in almost one sitting. I loved the first one and have been waiting paitently (well, maybe not patiently) for book number two. This one was even better, can we do more than five stars? Now, I’ll be again (not-patiently) waiting for the next one. It has drama, suspense, history, time travel, love, what more could a girl want!



Shadows Falling was one of the most enjoyable sequels I have ever read. It revolves around some of the characters we met in Shadows Gray, but weren’t sympathetic to. Getting to know Rose through her own words was a chilling experience, but somehow completely captivating. The writing and voice seem effortless and both Rose and Lizzie come alive. You can’t but love them both in spite of their shortcomings (and psychosis!). You will fall into this book easily and be unable to stop reading even when you have to cover your eyes in fear. Utterly beautiful, captivating, and frightening.



Shadows Lost (The Lost Series Book 3)


Available in Paperback & Kindle


Perfectly closing this series, Shadows Lost is a hauntingly satisfying read. Not only do I adore this series, but my 15 year old is absolutely OBSESSED with these books and their characters! Melyssa Williams is a gifted writer and we’re eager to see what she does next!

M. Wagner


Hopefully, you’ve read the other “Shadows” in the series, so you’ll be happy to see everything tidied up and beautifully finished in this volume. Well-researched, well-written and eerie – just what a YA should be.



I was not able to put this aside, this final novel in the series. It is hauntingly touching, and devastatingly real, making me almost but not really, believe in time travellers.

Kindle Customer



Once Upon a Winter


Available in Paperback & Kindle


The Nutcracker story plus a steampunk setting is a match made in heaven, and made me wonder why the story hasn’t always been presented that way. Strongly-drawn characters, elements from the classic ballet, and a plot that keeps you guessing are brilliantly blended by the author. This was a ton of fun, and although I haven’t the foggiest idea what “Nutcracker 2” would look like, I still find myself hoping for a sequel.

Robin Reed


…entertaining and witty. I quickly found myself invested in the characters and before long felt that magical feeling that only comes when you can’t turn the pages quite fast enough. A wonderful new twist on an old classic that brings a whirlwind of excitement, adventure, enchanted creatures, and irksome siblings. An overall joyful read that will leave you with a smile and a longing for a bit of adventure.

Joseph Cecil



The Alarming Side Effect of Books and Other Tales



This author has a way with words that is rare and refreshing!



I absolutely loved these tales! Vibrant and engaging, this compilation of short stories was the highlight of my summer reading!

M. Wagner


This is a wonderful book! If you want something oddly entertaining, I highly recommend this one!

Alexander Martin



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