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How Do I Name My Characters?

Finding names for your cast of characters in your next novel can be daunting, fun, challenging, a joy, and a mess.

Thank the writing gods for the ol’ find and replace button on Word, can I get an amen? Can’t tell you how many times I changed my mind midway through a novel concerning a character’s moniker.

How do you turn a groan-inducing chore into a fun treasure hunt? Here are a few ideas when all your frazzled imagination can come up with is yet another John or Sara. Read more

101 Ice Breaker Questions to Develop Your Novel’s Cast of Characters

Authors are typically socially awkward creatures and avoid parties, it’s true. We want to be invited, but actually attending them leaves us panicky, shaky, and hiding behind the potted palm with the whole bowl of shrimp dip.

One of my favorite hobbies is complaining about how I don’t have friends or anywhere to go, then staring in horror when my phone rings or diving behind the couch when a knock is heard at my door.

I like to write about parties. I am inept at attending them. Read more