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8 Reasons Why Moms Should Be Secret Agents

I have given something a lot of thought lately: mommies the world over would be excellent in espionage.

I think the C.I.A. should hire us, and I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve taken the liberty of submitting one large resume on behalf of moms everywhere.

Of course, we’ll have to have Spy Names, like Scully, or Agent 99, or Bond … James Bond – something like that. Give it some thought. Seeing as how once upon a time, approximately three hundred years ago, I was a ballerina, I’ve decided to be Tutu. I’ll have a pointe shoe phone.

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How Fancy Cheese and Crackers Saved My Marriage

They didn’t really, but don’t underestimate a hunk of Camembert, a wedge of Bleu, and some artfully arranged Cracked Pepper crackers. Why? Because to me sophisticated finger foods sounds a lot like Date Night.

Date Night in the olden days of my marriage (back in the 1800s, haha) meant a movie in a theater, an overpriced dinner out that left us praying the rosary for our checking account (and we aren’t even Catholic), mooshy cards written to each other, high heels, cologne, and a walk holding hands.

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Hunting the Rare North American Christmas Tree

What could possibly go wrong when hunting the rare North American Christmas Tree with your intrepid family?

Every year comes our annual Christmas tree hunting/stalking/butchering expedition to the North Pole. Because after all, it just isn’t Christmas until

  • near death experiences have been lived
  • tempers have flared
  • marriage vows have been stretched and re-thought
  • small children have cried
  • large adults have cried
  • and my Charlie Brown tree is safely kerplunked in my living room.

For those of you who enjoy killing the spirit of Christmas and making Baby Jesus cry by purchasing a plastic tree, I will pray for you. But oh sugar plum fairy, you are missing out!

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The Homeschool Mom’s Advent Calendar

For all you homeschool moms out there, a very merry Yuletide to you. Use this simple Advent Calendar to plan out all your holiday activities. Read more

What To Read Next If You Love Outlander

Series that grip you, grab you, consume you – heck, take over your life – don’t come around all that often. Luckily for you, my chickens, I’ve been reading since I was but a wee bairn. Long enough to come up with a list for you when you’re suffering from a bad case of droughtlander.

You. Are. Welcome.

And if you’ve been living under a rock, the Outlander series of novels is seven, soon to be eight we hope, books series by talented best-selling author, Diana Gabaldon. Already hugely popular, it gained a whole new fanbase when Starz picked it up as their new baby. The Outlander fandom is a force to be reckoned with. We know our kilts from our porritch, ye kin?

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Mrs. Lemon’s Haunting, Part Three

A short story in three parts.

Part One  |  Part Two  |  Part Three


“Mrs. Lemon, I do believe you’re crazy.”

“No, no, not crazy! Just rather inventive. And creative, too. I’ve always been creative, I think, it’s just that I’ve never really shown it much. I think I’ve been holding myself back. I never really knew what kind of good ideas I could come up with until now.” Read more

Mrs. Lemon’s Haunting, Part Two

A short story in three parts.

Part One  |  Part Two  |  Part Three


Bored to death, she thought, and it gave her a strange and wonderful idea.

You see, that morning of the idea she had found lipstick on the collar of Charles’ best button-up, the one he only wore for special occasions and yet had worn for no good reason just the day before, and he had smelled strange, like someone else’s perfume, and he had whistled – whistled! – in the kitchen before work. Charles never whistled, hadn’t whistled in years and years, and she knew right then, that she – his wife – was not the cause of it. Read more

Mrs. Lemon’s Haunting, Part One

A short story in three parts.

Part One  |  Part Two  |  Part Three


“It is the best time for a ghost story,” said Nick. “Or at least, that’s what the living would say.”

“Yes, but they never get anything right.” Belinda grumbled. She wound a strand of curly blonde hair around her finger, and crossed and uncrossed her ankles impatiently, as though she couldn’t sit still. “It’s so overly dramatic, with the stroke of midnight and the screeching of the owls and the thunder and all that.” Read more

The 10 Rules for My Commune, and a Cordial Invitation to Join

I crave simplicity and the homesteading life – this in spite of the fact that I can kill a house plant in six seconds flat and have never milked a cow.

Regardless of such a fact, I’ve decided to start my own commune.

My public-schooled, executive, non-religious brother already thinks I live in one anyway and he phones occasionally to make sure I am not wearing long dresses, marrying off my small daughters, allowing my husband extra wives, watching for comets, and drinking Kool-aid. (I stay mum.)

Of course there will have to be some rules in my commune. This isn’t a free for all! Breaking the rules will terminate our weird, crunchy, granola, hippy-dippy way of life, so try to adhere. Read more

13 Creepy Books for Halloween Reading

Today we’re going to list 13 creepy books for Halloween reading.

In other words …

Scary stories to read by the light of a full moon.

You want murder? I gotcha.

Twisted endings? You bet.

Maybe a vampire? Scroll down.

I read a lot of thrillers, y’all. Like, an embarrassing amount of thrillers. I could keep this list going for all of eternity, but to keep it short and sweet, here are 13 of my very favorite October books.

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