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3 Things Men Just Don’t Get About Romancing Their Wives

1. Getting Hot & Heavy in Bed

Late at night, when the kids are finally asleep, the lights are dimmed, the phone is off, the dishwasher is humming, the doors are locked, and I’m in bed with my husband, he whispers an insecure, anxious thought:

“You only love me for my body.” He gulps. Are those tears he’s blinking back?

Oh, stop wiggling and get over here!” I demand. I move closer.

“No!  I’m more than just a hot body, you know!” He hugs a pillow to his chest and effectively blocks my embrace.

“No, you’re not.  Quit fighting and give in!”

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Romantic Comedy, A Short Story in Three Parts {Part 3}


The receptionist at his office.

Zane turned to look and in doing so, he released Hailey’s hand and knocked over his beverage. He didn’t even react to the cold liquid splashing on his suit. He stood on shaky legs, watching the woman in the doorway. Hailey felt a sudden and familiar stinging in her eyes and a small tear escaped; it ran unhindered down her cheek, glistening and shining in the lighting of the restaurant. The tear slithered slowly until it formed a tiny, perfect droplet and then disappeared, evaporated into her thirsty skin.  Read more

Romantic Comedy, A Short Story in Three Parts {Part 2}


“I’ll just have a salad,” Hailey said, demurely. The words were rote. They would have escaped her lips in spite of herself; she’d said them so many times in her life. The waiter left. “We need to talk about what exactly?” Her tone altered into something more aggressive as she turned her attention back to Zane, this man she called her husband. Read more

Wine Pairings for Writers

If you’re ready to tumble down a bunny trail worthy of the White Rabbit, have we got a lovely distraction for you from all that writing you’re doing supposed to be doing. Settle back, relax, and pour yourself some vino as we provide you with the last wine list you’ll ever need.

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