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Wine Pairings for Writers

If you’re ready to tumble down a bunny trail worthy of the White Rabbit, have we got a lovely distraction for you from all that writing you’re doing supposed to be doing. Settle back, relax, and pour yourself some vino as we provide you with the last wine list you’ll ever need.

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How to Train Your Writer: A Helpful Guide for New Owners


noun  writ·er  \ ˈrī-tər \

Definition: A rare living organism, spotted most often in their natural habit of used bookshops but occasionally rehabilitated to exist in suburban towns or cities. Possessing a power for turning caffeine into the written word, writers are shy but loyal pets.

Writers are a peculiar breed, loving yet sometimes high-maintenance, aloof yet needing constant attention. A solitary creature, they still need the basics of sunlight, food, water, and the occasional social interaction (mostly for sparking creativity).

While pats on the head are acceptable, as are casseroles dropped off at the front door, writers have other needs as well that can go largely ignored by the uneducated masses. Read more

Do Writers Really Need a Home Office?

If you close your eyes and channel your inner Joanna Gaines, you can picture it: plenty of natural light, a charming but  functional desk, cleverly organized office supplies (think mason jars filled with colored pencils, paperclips, and super cute thumbtacks in the shape of animals), a drawer with healthy snacks (dark chocolate anyone?), motivational posters in vintage frames, a chair that’s molded to fit your body, a candle with a woodsy scent, and a storyboard on the wall that brings your novel to life.

Or maybe it’s a den, complete with library (don’t forget the rolling staircase), a crackling fire, a well-stocked liquor cabinet with cut-glass stemware, a soft leather sofa for napping (i.e. concentrating), and a large bloodhound at your slippered feet.

You want it.

But do you need it?

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