What NOT To Put On Your (Homeschool) High School Transcript

When preparing your homeschooled high schooler’s transcripts for college admission, there are a few things you simply must include: English, Math, and History spring to mind.

But there are several more that you should simply and safely leave off, no matter how proud your little genius sprout is of them.

21 Things NOT To Put On Your Homeschool Transcript

You should never, ever (even in your wildest-caffeine-overloaded-dreams-ever) put these things on a homeschool transcript for your high schooler.

Here are a few “achievements” to edit right out:

  1. A lovingly arranged scrapbook of your family outings.
  2. Scrabble high scores: no matter Little Gerry’s expertise, this does not count as Math. Or Spelling.
  3. Mowing the lawn (this is not P.E.).
  4. A list of every book read in the past four years. Impressive yes, but not a good idea. How many forests do you want to annihilate with that much paper?
  5. Twenty credits in one semester. Umm, no one is smellin’ what you’re steppin’ in there.
  6. You can’t give credits for diapering the baby, sorry.
  7. Basic chores (see #3 and #6, above).
  8. Alphabetizing your bookshelf (that does not count as a Library Internship).
  9. Carrying groceries from the car every Monday is not P.E. Nor is it Social Studies.
  10. “Life Experience.” That’s a negative, ghostrider.
  11. Dismal scores on Algebra, but high scores on Geometry and Trig. Things that make you go whaaa?
  12. Cleaning out the fridge is not a Biology or Chemistry credit, no matter how old and expired that sour cream was.
  13. Klingon is not a Foreign Language, nor is Elvish. Sigh.
  14. Air Guitar.
  15. Family dinners should not be counted as Debate Class. Well, then again, that’s debatable. HA!
  16. Introducing the entire series of Doctor Who to friends does not count as Community Service.
  17. Being an expert on the BBC’s Sherlock does not count as a Leadership Position. Or Forensic Science.
  18. Neither does being proficient at Minecraft. Even if Junior has his own hotline. Well, okay, maybe then…
  19. Unloading the dishwasher is not Home Economics. Wait. Is there such a subject as Home Ec anymore, anyway?
  20. One spin around the room doing your best Ballroom Dancing impression at a Homeschool Prom does not a credit earn.
  21. The Twilight graphic novel is not American Literature.
Chores. But not P.E.

Also, don’t hand write your transcript, even if Little Sally’s cursive is impressive. Short, simple, and professional are what colleges are looking for.

P.S. No glitter or gel pens, you crafty moms. Seriously, you cannot be trusted around office supplies, can you?

21 Things You Should Never Put on a Homeschool Transcript