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Do Writers Really Need a Home Office?

If you close your eyes and channel your inner Joanna Gaines, you can picture it: plenty of natural light, a charming but  functional desk, cleverly organized office supplies (think mason jars filled with colored pencils, paperclips, and super cute thumbtacks in the shape of animals), a drawer with healthy snacks (dark chocolate anyone?), motivational posters in vintage frames, a chair that’s molded to fit your body, a candle with a woodsy scent, and a storyboard on the wall that brings your novel to life.

Or maybe it’s a den, complete with library (don’t forget the rolling staircase), a crackling fire, a well-stocked liquor cabinet with cut-glass stemware, a soft leather sofa for napping (i.e. concentrating), and a large bloodhound at your slippered feet.

You want it.

But do you need it?

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