Are you wondering, “Should I homeschool my kids? Is homeschooling the best option for me, and for my family?

Sometimes life is easier when it comes in a lovely, organized list. I mean, how many times have you thought to yourself: Self, I wish these kids following me around came with an owner’s manual?

Or is that just me?

Well, even so, most of us like making lists. I even add things to my list after I’ve already done them just to feel that warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment.

Again, just me?

Is that a tumble weed that just tumbled by? Hello?

Anyway, a lot of homeschool newbies or homeschool wannabes out there could benefit from a list, says I. So, being the obliging sort, I put one together. So you think you can homeschool? Take this little quiz and find out!

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Should I Homeschool? {The Quiz}

Keep tabs on your answers and we’ll tally them up at the end. Then you’ll know for sure and for all time the answer to your question of, “Should I homeschool?” Let’s begin.

1. Do you ever want to use the bathroom alone again? Ever?

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If not, homeschooling is the perfect fit for you! You will never be lonely on the throne again.

In fact, you will more than likely be shouting out multiplication facts and/or removing Skittles from Susie’s hair at the same time as you pee.

If this sounds like a wonderful way to multi-task, then you are totally ready for homeschooling.

2. Do you find spelling rules intriguing before eight a.m.?

If you just can’t get enough of saying rules like “I before E, except after C,” only to follow up with “except for all those other words where this doesn’t apply,” then you are good to go.

Also, you will need to love these same rules at noon, three p.m. and every other time, because you will be repeating them eleventy-seven times for the next twelve years.

3. Speaking of repeating yourself, do you love the sound of your own voice?

You will need to because you will be the only one hearing it most of the day.

“Why do I bother talking at all?” you may find yourself muttering, as the four year old puts Ranch up his nose, the twelve year old melts down over math, and the dog brings you a dead bird.

If you find the sound of your own voice melodious and soothing, you are ready for homeschooling.

4. Do you enjoy writing your mortgage check with a broken crayon because you can never find a pen?

Should I Homeschool?

You may (and will) purchase packs of pencils and pens everyday for eighteen years, but it won’t matter. The pencils will mysteriously disappear as soon as a child needs one for algebra, and no matter how often you threaten bodily harm to anyone who touches your special fine point black pen in your purse, it will never be there.

If this doesn’t bother you at all, you are ready for homeschooling.

5. Are you ready to go back on your promise that you’d never let the television homeschool your children?

Because reading aloud from classic literature is all fun and games for about a week. Then you’re going to come to the conclusion that Anne of Green Gables was, in fact, a remarkably good film adaption, and it’s also extremely long, leaving you plenty of time to take a bubble bath.

In theory. (See #1, above.)

6. Are you concerned about how much coffee you can consume?

Should I Homeschool? (A quiz for REAL moms)

Because it’s petty and pesky health questions like that that you don’t have time for, homeschooling mom. Pour yourself a cuppa Joe and try not to think about what it’s doing to your insides.

What, you wanna live forever? We’re all going to die of something, and believe you me, homeschooling moms aren’t going to die of caffeine withdrawal.

7. Do you have a desire to see your house clean and clutter free at all, even once, in the next oh, I don’t know, insert your children’s ages here?

If you actually want to eat dinner on a clean table with no books in sight, then homeschooling might not be the best option for you.

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8. Will your spouse spot that look in your eye when he gets home in the evening: you know, the one that says ‘take these children of yours immediately so I can start my nervous breakdown in a timely fashion?’

If your spouse is observant like that, you might be ready to homeschool.

9. Can you stir spaghetti sauce, answer the phone, change a diaper, feed the cat, grade a paper, organize a book club, set the table, and recite the Declaration of Independence, all at the same time?

Yeah, neither can I. Never mind.

10. Do you love a purse full of string cheese, juice boxes, math manipulatives, GI Joe figures, wooden swords, and fairy wings, for emergency purposes?

If you think you can live without the stuff you used to carry around – you know, those silly, unnecessary objects like car keys, cell phones, and a wallet – you are SO ready to homeschool!

11. Do you consider a bag of pajama pants at the Goodwill “back to school shopping?”

Should I Homeschool Quiz

If so, you will love homeschooling.

12. Do you love Cheerio breath kisses, jelly sticky hands smoothing your hair, the look on your child’s face when he learns to read, forts, cookies for lunch, park days, library cards, backyard camping, Mad Libs, M&M math problems, homemade play dough, finger painting, kitchen science experiments, family naps, and snuggles?

Then you are officially ready to homeschool.

Congrats, you’ve made it all the way through the Should I Homeschool? Quiz! That’s something, all right. Let’s take a look at your answers.

Should I Homeschool? {Answer Key}

If you answered Yes:

1-4 times

You may not be quite ready for homeschooling.

You might consider a homeschooling hybrid type of co-op, or a private school. Recoup and take this quiz again in a year or so, when your high standards have come down just a smidge.

5-8 times

You are ready to homeschool your kids, but only just.

Try to spend some time on those questions you answered “No” to. Smear some jelly in your hair, only drink day-old coffee that you found in the bathroom, and stack forty-three novels on your dining room table. This should prepare you for the days ahead.

9-12 times

Congratulations! You have joined the ranks of Die Hard Homeschool Parent!

Break out that denim jumper, baby, you are well on your way to a life of beautiful, mind frazzling, lovely, often times ridiculous schooling at home. Enjoy the ride. It’s bumpy, but the views and the perks are awesome.

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So you think you can homeschool? Take this quiz and find out.