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Chick Flicks For Guys AND Gals: 12 Rom-Coms Your Spouse Won’t Hate

Looking for some chick flicks for you and your spouse to enjoy?

Not everyone likes the typical rom-com (for example: Your’s Truly), but about every decade or so (more if we’re lucky), a good one comes around that your chic-flick hating other half just might fall in love with.

So, when it’s your turn to pick the movie and you’re wistfully wishing you had married more of a Mr. Darcy and less of a John McClane, pick one of these “chick flicks for guys” and you’ll both be content. Read more

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10 Old Movies for People Who Don’t Like Old Movies

So they say they don’t like old movies. Well, here are ten classic movies for people who don’t – or think they don’t – like them.

When you’re looking to make your spouse/child/family/best friend an old black and white movie convert, the key is to find a flick that everybody will fall in love with.

Most people who say they don’t like old movies are either lying, or they haven’t seen a good one. Luckily, there are plenty of great classic films out there to change their stubborn minds. Let’s look at a few! Read more

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What I Loved in 2018

I don’t know about you, but most of my social media newsfeeds and updates from friends were overwhelmingly about how awful 2018 was and how happy they were that 2019 is here.

I don’t know how many were exaggerating and how many really did have A No-Good Terrible Very Bad Year, but for me, as years go, meh, 2018 was hunky-dory.

Read more

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11 Feel-Good Indie Movies That Are Witty, Clever, & A Little Weird

I love films, but I confess to easily tiring of the cliched, humdrum, been-there-done-that fluff that Hollywood has a tendency to churn out at breakneck speed. I like my movies witty, clever, unusual, and if I’m being honest, just a little weird.

Or a lot weird.

That’s why indie flicks are my go-to. They stay with me longer, impact my life in a deeper way, make me flinch, make me laugh, and make me think. Read more

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13 Scary Halloween Movies for People Who Don’t Like Icky Gore Fests

This girl likes herself some scary stuff. Throw back to the years in the ’80s where she’d hide under the covers with a flashlight, reading Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden books maybe.

But gore? Nah. Not so much.

These flicks are perfect for giving chills up the spine, causing a fear of the dark, and messing with your head, but they aren’t full of blood and guts, mutilations, or half-dressed girls. Just good scares. Read more

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Hocus Pocus: A Totally Serious Movie Review

The wind is blowing crunchy leaves across the streets, there are candles burning low, you’re wearing a sweater, and likely sipping something pumpkin spiced or apple cider-ed.

It’s time to pop in your well-worn VHS tape of that glorious Halloween flick…

HOCUS POCUS! Read more

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17 Times the Film was Actually as Good as the Book

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Hollywood can ruin a perfectly good novel with their movie rendition of it. But every so often – as rare as a unicorn sighting – they get it right. Here are seventeen times the movies were just as good, if not better than, the books they were based upon. Read more

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Tremors: A Totally Serious Movie Review

Oh, Tremors. Nothing delights me more than a campy, cheesy, comedic, horror flick from my favorite decade: the 1980s.

Actually, it was 1990, but I’m assuming they started filming in ’89, which makes this even more perfect: a hybrid ’80s/90s film. Add in some ginormous and cranky earthworms and Kevin Bacon, and you pretty much have the greatest movie ever to grace your screen.

Let’s take it apart and discuss in this totally serious movie review. Read more

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The Lost Boys: A Totally Serious Movie Review

Ahh, The Lost Boys, that epic horror film from 1987, starring Jason Patric, Keifer Sutherland, Dianne Wiest, Jami Gertz, and The Two Coreys.

The latter pair of whom have my heart forever. Read more

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