Looking for some chick flicks for you and your spouse to enjoy?

Not everyone likes the typical rom-com (for example: Your’s Truly), but about every decade or so (more if we’re lucky), a good one comes around that your chic-flick hating other half just might fall in love with.

So, when it’s your turn to pick the movie and you’re wistfully wishing you had married more of a Mr. Darcy and less of a John McClane, pick one of these “chick flicks for guys” and you’ll both be content.

12 Chick Flicks for Guys AND Gals

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1. RED

Starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich.

If the cast ALONE doesn’t convince both of you that this is kinda the perfect date movie, then I’m not sure what to do with you.

But if you need a synopsis, it’s this: In RED, Bruce plays Moses, a former Black-Op, now retired. He’s pining for Sarah, a woman he only knows through her job as a caller at a government pension processing job, where she is just as bored as he is. Once a month, he tosses his pension check and then calls her up so they can talk about it (and also about her love of really bad romance novels).

When Moses’ past catches up with him, he has to go on the run with a reluctant Sarah, and a band of hilarious misfits, including the geriatric Freeman who busts out of his home for the elderly, the paranoid Malkovich who carries a stuffed pig, and Mirren, an assassin.

This is one of my favorite movies of all time, and the sequel is great too: Catherine Zeta Jones joins the cast in the equally fun RED 2.


Starring Steve Carell, Dane Cook, Juliette Binoche, Dianne Wiest, Emily Blunt, John Mahoney.

I love Steve Carell’s movies. They’re hysterically funny but also realistic and slyly deep.

In Dan In Real Life, Carell plays the title character, who is a columnist and widower of three daughters. They’re on the way to his family’s lake house for a reunion with his parents and siblings.

Running out for a quick errand, he meets and falls immediately for Marie (Binoche). But there’s a wrinkle in their happily-ever-after: she’s already dating his brother, Mitch (Cook).

This is a quotable film (we yell, “you are the murderer of love!” quite often around these parts), with excellent acting by the whole cast. It’s a rom-com, but it’s also definitely a chick flick for guys.

Ultimately, it’s a sweet and funny movie that will make you ache for A.) a sweet, slow burn kind of love, B.) a family reunion even if your family is bananas, and C.) a lake house in the fall.


Starring Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Mark Walberg, Kristin Wiig, Mark Ruffalo.

Another Carell gem, Date Night is less serious than Dan in Real Life because it’s just a plain funny romantic comedy.

Phil and Claire (Carell and Fey) are a normal, close to middle-aged couple. They’re working, raising kids, getting tired, and live a suburban American life.

Until, that is, they go on a date night to rekindle some romance and take someone else’s dinner reservation at a posh city restaurant.

Hilarity ensues as the case of mistaken identity ramps up, and they go on the run from criminal thugs. Part action, part rom-com, part SNL skit, this is a chick flick for guys and gals who love to laugh.


Starring Jim Carrey, Tea Leoni, Alec Baldwin.

Dick and Jane (Carrey and Leoni) are an affluent couple, living the American dream. They have one son, who is basically being raised by their Hispanic nanny, a huge house, nice cars, and they are perfectly happy.

Then a disaster happens at Dick’s work, where he becomes the fall-guy for the entire company’s corruption, on the same day that Jane decides to try becoming a stay-at-home mom.

Suddenly both are jobless, and everything they know and love is being taken away.

While a serious plot, especially if you’ve been through similar circumstances yourself, the whole movie is hilariously funny and will have you cracking up as Dick and Jane claw their way back up to middle class.

The scene where their new sod is confiscated is my favorite, although it’s closely followed by Jane taking place in a medical experiment for money. Tea and Jim are comic geniuses. You’ll find lots to enjoy in Fun with Dick & Jane.


Starring Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Marissa Tomei.

I know, I know, another Steve Carell movie? Why don’t I just make a list with only Steve Carell movies, right? Well, it’s not my fault the guy picks excellent scripts!

In Crazy Stupid Love he plays Cal, a middle-aged husband, married to Emily, his high school sweetheart. Blindsided by her affair with Kevin Bacon (I mean, his character, David Lindhagen, not the real Bacon), he starts getting life advice from Jacob (Gosling).

Jacob is everything Cal isn’t: smooth, rich, suave, and attracting all the ladies. He makes over Cal, but there’s a twist I won’t spoil for you in case you haven’t seen it.

Such a funny, funny movie, with great scenes, like Gosling and Stone re-enacting the Dirty Dancing lift, and Cal and Emily’s teenage son mooning over his babysitter.

It’s a contemporary classic of the genre, the perfect chick flick for guys and gals.


Starring Mark Duplass, Aubrey Plaza, Jake Johnson.

One of my favorite Indie gems, Safety Not Guaranteed is a quirky comedy that will surprise you with its heart and soul.

Duplass plays the eccentric Kenneth, a grocery store stocker with outrageous intelligence and the belief that he can go back in time.

Plaza (you’ll know her as April from Parks and Rec), is the reporter, Darius, set on following him for a story, who gets sucked into his time traveling ambition.

Johnson is Darius’s cocky boss and you’ll hate him most of the way through.

I absolutely love this movie.

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Starring Himesh Patel, Lily James, and yes, Ed Sheeran.

Another Indie type (so you know it’s gonna be less Hollywood humdrum and more weird/relatable), Yesterday follows a clever plot: what if you got stuck in an alternate universe where no one remembers the Beattles or their songs?

That’s what happens when Jack, a struggling musician and singer/song-writer gets in an accident and wakes up in a coma. He innocently plucks at his guitar and sings Yesterday to his friends during his recovery and they are blown away, having never heard the song before.

Soon, Jack becomes a world wide star, pretending to write every Beattles song he can remember. But will the deception cost him everything he loves?

This move has some hilarious one-liners, a great cast (Sheeran himself is hysterical), and a sweet love story that isn’t cloying or unrealistic

And I loved the ending, because you think you know what’s going to happen the whole time, and you’re wrong.


Starring Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman, Peter Gallagher, Peter Boyle.

One of the few full-blown rom-coms that I love, While You Were Sleeping centers around Christmas so I love it even more.

It’s sweet and funny and totally worth your time as you watch Lucy and Jack figure out they’re perfect for one another… even though she sorta accidentally got engaged to his brother while he was in a coma.

The family dynamics are spot-on and adorable, and we quote this film at least once a month (especially Joe Junior’s lines). This is a true chick flick that many guys actually like.


Starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Putting aside that this was the film that ended his marriage to Jennifer Aniston due him dilly-dallying with Jolie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a fun movie.

Brangelina play Mr. and Mrs Smith, both assassins who only married each other for the job. However, they don’t know the other one is an assassin until they’re told to follow through on hits for one another.

The fight scenes don’t pull any punches (haha), the romance is sexy, and it’s just a fun flick for date night.


Starring Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James.

Another Hollywood rom-com I make an exception for, this movie tells the story of Hitch, played by Will Smith.

Hitch is a used-to-be loser who figured out women and now makes a career as a match-maker. He’s smooth and got it all worked out when it comes to love. But Albert (Kevin James), is gonna be a challenge.

Then you throw in Hitch’s growing attraction to Sara (Mendes), a reporter who is sniffing out the identity of the city’s secretive match-maker.

There are some laugh out loud scenes, such as Hitch’s allergic reaction to shell-fish, their disastrous date when he accidentally kicks Sara in the head and also brings up her serial killer ancestor, and Albert’s awesomely bad dance moves.


Starring Shia LeBeouf, Dakota Johnson, Zach Gottsagen.

The Peanut Butter Falcon is a film that’s impossible not to love.

Gottsagen, a newcomer and the reason the directors/writers even came up with this movie, plays Zak, a young adult with Down Syndrome who lives in a group home. He feels strongly that he doesn’t belong there (and his aging senior citizen residents feel the same way) so he escapes in nothing but his underpants out the window one night.

Along the way to find The Salt Water Redneck, his favorite wrestler, played by Thomas Hayden Church, he befriends Tyler (LaBeouf), a washed-up loner who’s on the run.

Enter Zak’s case worker/care giver, Eleanor (Johnson), and you have a funny, sweet, unusual, and completely perfect movie.

If Gottsagen doesn’t win an Oscar or a Golden Globe I will have lost faith in all of humanity.


Starring Mike Meyers, Nancy Travis, Anthony LaPaglia, Amanda Plummer, Phil Hartman.

So I Married an Axe Murderer is of the best comedies to ever come out of the ’90s. Meyers is stronger than ever with his over-the-top comedic skills as he plays Charlie, a Scottish poet, who has terrible luck with women, or is it that he just can’t commit?

Enter Harriet, the local butcher, who entrances Charlie with her sense of humor, curly blonde locks, skills with an ax, and mysterious past.

As Charlie decides to commit to marriage, he begins to get suspicious of Harriet … is she the woman of his dreams, or is she a cold-blooded killer?

She was a thief … would you belief? She stole my heart … and my cat.

These are my go-to rom-com chick-flicks for when I’m with someone who only watches that genre! What are yours?

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