If I was better prepared this would be a cute printable, but… it’s a school day.

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14 Must-Have Beauty Supplies for Homeschool Moms

1. Coffee

Every homeschool parent needs buckets of this

Drink it, or I.V. drip it, or bathe in it. Whatever. Just get some.

2. Hairbrush

Homeschool moms know the messy bun

For the toddler to brush the dog while you’re teaching algebra, to flail threateningly through the air when frustrated, or to use as a paper weight.

You most likely won’t use it as it was intended though: embrace messy buns.

3. Eyeliner

Eyeliner Crayons?

For the kindergartener to use in place of her missing precious black crayon.

4. Mascara

To use to draw on a mustache on your son when he dresses as Teddy Roosevelt for his history class.

5. Perfume

Perfume comes in surprisingly helpful

To spritz on the dog (and possibly the teenage son) right before the pastor’s wife comes over for tea.

6. Yoga pants

This is what we all look like every day

Of course.

7. Cheerful, goofy socks and/or slippers

Because who can be irritated when there are llamas on your feet?

8. Hats

For the days when your messy bun makes you look less like a bohemian inspired lady than it does a homeless elderly woman who lives under a bridge.

BTW this is actually a real hat.

9. Lipstick

Jill just stop pls

For leaving embarrassing lip prints on your preteen’s cheeks right before they go on an outing.

10. Hair rubberbands, bobby pins, banana clips, and scrunchies

You’ll buy 2847362.483 but only be able to find two.

11. A purse like Mary Poppins

Homeschool Mom's Shopping List: Mary Poppins Purse

One that can hold several G.I. Joes, a couple My Little Ponies, keys, snacks, juice boxes, art supplies, a dog eared paperback, loose change, and that hairbrush you’ll never use.

12. Nail polish collection

Time for a pedicure!

For those days when everything is going wrong in the math book, and you just decide to bail on it and have a little Mommy/Daughter Pedi Day instead.

13. Nail polish remover

Homeschool Mom Shopping List: Nail Polish Remover

Because Mommy let Daughter do the pedi’s.

14. Lotion

Lotion for Baby

For Baby to find and smear all over Creation when you’re distracted with big brother’s science project.


Because those yoga pants don't buy themselves